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Broken Paperback book

Broken Paperback book

In the blink of an eye, Amerie Grey’s life turned upside down. A fatal car crash claimed her fiancé’s life. Although she survived with a broken ankle, it’s a pain of a shattered heart that Amerie is struggling to recover from. Physical therapy is long, and progress is slow. To top it off, she has a new therapist whom she hates... although her heart whispers otherwise.Owner of Hill Performance Therapy, Maxwell Hill, is a champion healer. He aims to get his clients well and back to feeling some kind of normalcy. Having lived through his share of trauma, when his new client becomes defensive, he can immediately detect the emotional turmoil she’s wrestling. When she finally eases off the attitude, he wants to help heal all her parts.Will Amerie let herself love again? Can Maxwell shine in a dead man’s shadow? Or does the perfect love only come once, and everything else is just fillers?
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