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Music of My Heart


For me writing is therapy. It allows me to freely express how I feel, or why I feel a particular way about something. When I sit down to write something whether it’s a blog, newsletter, or part of a novel, I like to be in a certain frame of mind. To get to a creative space, I usually have a playlist or music playing in the background.Music is a major motivator for me.

One thing I feel like people should know about me is that I love music I feel like there is a song to fit any and every occasion and/or emotion. I truly believe that we each have a soundtrack to our lives. The soundtrack varies to fit what may be currently happening in our lives, but it’s always there. If we continue this journey together long enough, hopefully, you will be able to understand my love for music too.

Now, I will be the first to say that old school R & B gets met there every time. The soulful vocals mixed soft melodies create an ambiance of calm and inspiration of productivity. R&B along with the Pop, Rap/Hip Hop, and gospel are a few of my favorites genres as well. I can even get with some of the new country sounds occasionally. My all-time favorite musical artist is  Toni Michelle “Living Legend” Braxton. I have had to opportunity to see her perform live in concert once in 2019. The experience was everything that I needed it to be and more. I have a hard time naming my favorite song of hers, so I will give you my top five: (in no particular order)

• He Wasn’t Man Enough

• Just Be a Man About it

• Give you my Heart

• Hurt You

• Unbreak my Heart

Whitney Houston, Babyface, Tevin Campbell, Tamia, Tamar Braxton Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé are a few of my other favorites.

The way the lyrics mix with the music and melodies to evoke deep emotions within. The way they express emotions through songs as they talk about relationships, heartbreak and love. I don’t plan to release an album, but my manuscripts are the way I display my love. Another opportunity for my readers to get a better understanding of how I view love and that I still believe in happy endings and fairy tales.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, with Love,

K.O. McGee

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