J. Harris

This book kept me smiling! It is a true feel good love story. I look forward to reading more from K.O. McGee


Authoress Bethany

I really enjoyed Josh and Sienna story. After all they went through with the lose of the baby I'm glad that the ended back on the right track. Now all I want to read about is Preston, Benjamin, and even Crimson! I hope their in the makings!


C. Jackson Books

The story was a nice episode of Love is the Key. And when it involved friends to lovers in parts, it's an even better story. Signed and sealed was delivered in a sweet little package, neatly wrapped.


K. Giles

This was actually pretty good for it to be the author’s first book. I was drawn in from the beginning, it was entertaining for sure with the ex and Facebook message lmao 🤣 I enjoyed and I look forward to reading another by the author. She came out swinging, well sealing and delivering!


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