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Thief of Joy…

So this weekend, I was going over the edits of my latest novel. (It’s coming soon)😉

I was frustrated, as always, I hate this part, but it is absolutely necessary. In order for readers to get the polished finished product, detailed editing has to occur. I consider It to be the biggest constructive criticism of my thought, ideals, and emotions. And I’m an avid reader and I often think “why can’t my words sounds like such and such.” Wait. Hol up. Stop. Flag on the Play. I had to check myself. Quickly realizing that in order to be where I am supposed to be, I gotta stop comparing and stay in my own lane. My destiny my not be award winning best selling author. And I can be okay with that. But in the meantime, I’ll keep striving for my goals and giving it the best that I got. I will continue to define what’s important and work towards making that happen. I have so much Joy in this passion, I can’t let comparisons steal it!

With love,


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