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Trust the Process: The How

A few days ago, I was posed with a question that asked “How?” in relation to my writing process.

A new to me reader, discovered me by accident, we are professional acquaintances that stopped for a chat. As you could imagine, she wouldn’t have guessed that I wrote romance stories in my not so free time.

Once I fully confirmed that I was in fact, a seven time published author, she unleashed all of her burning questions. They all centered around the “How” of the writing process. My impromptu interviewer fired off a round of questions centered around how I get a finished product.

She was truly baffled that I can start with a blank page and create a full story that entertains the reader.

But, I can admit, that process is a bit unorthodox. It's similar to cooking with a recipe. Start with the base ingredients , add a little of this and a dash of that. Bake for sixty days and wallah.

Usually, I start with a plot or trope.

Then, I add the characters based on what is needed to make them click. I start with the end and work my way backwards.

For me it’s like a movie that plays backwards in

my mind.

So once, I have a plot and characters the story reveals itself. It’s like the layers unfold to make up this story that eventually come together.

The types of media that I consume while in the writing process can filtrate into storyline, so I have to be careful what I consume when writing.




Usually the title comes to me halfway in the process.

Sometimes or rather often, authors refer to the characters talking to them. Sometimes that’s true. The characters tell their story and we just record it as we are told by the characters. I can best describe it as, its like you have a best friend that wants to tell you a story with all the details and you are responsible for capturing the good parts and sharing it with the world.

Then I proceed to attempt to explain that story.

Which is not always east as it can make me feel like I’m all over the place sometimes.

I don’t have a magic formula, I just have my love for black love stories.

With that being said, be on the look out for something from K.O. McGee coming this winter.

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1 Comment

Hey K.O.!

I love this post! And, I’m watching and waiting for what‘s in store for this winter season. 😘

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