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Why Write Now?

Each year in January I make yearly resolutions, some that I stick with and some that I don't. This year I vowed to have different results. I decided that in 2020 I wanted to do something different, something meaningful. I wanted my goals to be meaningful and attainable. So, by the middle of January, I had five goals that I set out to work on for the year. The goals varied in difficultness but pertained to both professional and personal development. I have always loved the feeling of accomplishment and success. Achieving results is how I measure my successes. Therefore, a standard list of goals was what I needed to motivate me into action.  One of the five items on the list was writing and publishing my first novel.  Writing and publishing was something completely foreign to me. My background is in human resources and management, so this would be a new avenue for me to explore. After much research, I found some helpful tools and sound advice to get started. I downloaded a writing application on my phone and started putting words together and linked them with characters and plots.

I can honestly say that the Covid-19 pandemic has worked in my favor with completing this project. Mandatory stay-at-home orders have limited unessential tasks and travel. During these times, I have been forced to stay home. While at home, I used that time to write, brainstorm, and be productive.

I enjoy the writing process. Throughout this journey, I would like my personality to be shown through the love, passion, and humor of my characters. Hopefully, I can offer something different to readers than other romance authors. I am inspired and determined to tell my version of romance. So, that’s what I am doing. I have a strong desire to give more examples of successful black love. Somewhere along the way, I developed characters and a plot for manuscript number two. My writing journey has helped me gain much appreciation and respect for all of the writers that I admire. My passion and dedication to get this story told has motived me to finish. My first manuscript available soon! Signed, Sealed, Delivered, With love, K.O. McGee

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@whitney Thank you for the kind words! Love you back!


@angie Thank you so much!


I am so proud of you and your determination to finish your book. You are more than successful in my eyes.

Your kind spirit, character, and ambition are some of things that I love about you. Keep pressing forward toward your goals. Love you!!


You’re awesome!

We’re looking forward to watching you succeed!


@Jillian I am glad you are experiencing it with me! Thank you!

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