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Lean on Me

On Friday, I got in my car, and a random song started playing. I usually listen to audiobooks while commuting to work. However, on this particular day, instead of the audiobook playing where I left off, a random song from my phone started playing. (I have no idea how my phone picks what songs to play randomly). I have to confess it had been a while since I heard this particular song, but I was thankful that I did.

So, it begins with a well-known gospel artist Kirk Franklin narrating over the singer harmonizing the introduction. The version of the song that I have (there are two versions that I know of) features only one artist, Crystal Lewis. Written by Kirk Franklin and released in 1998, the song describes various hardships that people have encountered and how you can lean on me(God) to overcome your troubles. In that moment, I had time to listen to the lyrics and process what they meant to me. It gave me chills all over again, because I quickly realized that the song was my reminder that I always have God to lean on.

I am here; you don’t worry

I can see your tears

I’ll be in a hurry when you call

Friends are there to catch you when you fall

Here’s my shoulder, you can lean on me

I will be first to admit that life is hard, then you add a global pandemic, black lives matter movement, high unemployment rates, and political anxieties. Whew! The year 2020 has been rough. This song serves as a reminder that regardless of what hardship you may be facing in your life, you always have someone to lean on. Now, I have an AMAZING support system, but at the end of the day, know that God will “Catch you when fall.

Delivered with Love,

K.O. McGee

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I’m just seeing this particular blog and it is EVERYTHING!


I needed to hear this.


I only knew of one version of this song and it ft. Mary J Blige. This song has uplifted me on numerous occasion as well. I listen to it even when I’m in a good mood. Thanks for posting another version of the song. This my fist time hearing this version!


Amen. Thank you for that reminder Kaye, that when life gets overwhelming we can lean on God.

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