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Super Soul Sunday

This morning, I listened to Kirk Franklin’s gospel station on the Pandora app while adapting to the new normal on Sundays of cooking breakfast and preparing for Zoom church services. Many songs played remind me of the songs sang on the youth choir and my childhood church experiences. As a child every Sunday, I was awakened by church much playing while my mom cooked breakfast and got us ready for Sunday School and church.

This Sunday’sBlog is inspired by the song Open up Your by Heart by Yolanda Adams. This song has always been one of my favorite gospel songs. Released in 1999 from her album Mountain High… Valley Low. In this famous song, the singer talks about her close relationship with God and how she needs to speak with God about her life's current direction. To do so, she must open her heart for guidance from the Lord. But she is confident that God is the only answer to her problems.

The very last line is:

You’re the lover of my soul, the captain of my sea. I need a word from you, that’s why I open up my heart. That is my favorite part of the song! You simply cannot receive anything guidance with a closed heart.

So, while embarking on my journey to become a published author and writer, I felt like I too had to open my heart. Much vulnerability comes with putting your work out for the world to read and critique it. By opening up my heart, I can share my heart with you all through these stories. If you are looking for a breakthrough in your life, I suggest opening your heart to change to elevation to do something different. Open your heart and your mind by trying something new. Make a goal to work on one thing about yourself that you would like to change. When you open your heart, you can see change.

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